Libra Horoscope 10

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Personality cultivated as charm. The style and stance of one who puts out an image and curls the soul under. Taking advantage of favorable currents to express popular and safe qualities. Trying your utmost to feel good within the commonly-agreed-upon atmosphere and allowances. Holding yourself back into what is instantly acceptable, familiar, and comfortable. Lost in the swirling partners in the dance. Borrowed masks take over. Buying time by appeasing the crowd. You dream idly of something better than this, but are drawn to make the way things are wonderful and ideal in a static perfection, which is a tight fit and gives you an overlay of social programming. This colors everything and characterizes you as the fulfiller of the occasion and nothing more.

Carelli Alternative Meaning:

Symbol: A marabou.

(The marabou, alias “the philosopher” is a kind of stork, very frequent in Eastern towns and performing of its own accord a scavenger’s work by swallowing any kind of refuse. Its name is due to the bird’s solemn and nearly thoughtful attitude, the word marabou (Arabic marabut) being the equivalent of the Indian word yogin.)

The native’s work is indispensable to society’s bodily and mental healing, but he must have the stomach for it.

The native is likely to be a profound thinker and to have a serious, dreary, ceremonial outward attitude. His garments are likely to be more slovenly than niggardly, perhaps downright grubby or, if well groomed, he is likely to show a definite partiality for black. if smart at all, the native will be so in his style rather than in his dress.

All this is more or less probable. But only the nativity as a whole will be able to tell us whether we are faced with a great philanthropist so engrossed in his study of the most hideous social evils as to forget his own outward aspect altogether or, with a public man who, even if honest, meddles with the loathsome ordure politics mostly consists of; or with a swineherd, a humble sweeper, or an even humbler scavenger in a backward hamlet.

Freedom and life itself are open to risk of a kind varying according to the subject’s social status and special activity. When harmful influences are together at play, he can turn out to be nothing but a dirty pig, a regular, authentic, unadulterated swine.

In higher nativities this influence may induce an Arcadian strain, a taste for domesticated nature.

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