Mars in Aquarius in Medical Astrology

or Mars in 11th House

You are adventurous and will try just about anything once. Your energy can sometimes fluctuate a great deal and you can be accident-prone if you have a tendency to rush. Activities suited to your energy style include: cycling, water-sports, sailing, kayaking and windsurfing and you will probably also enjoy team sports and working out in the gym. You will enjoy being involved in exercises or activities that involve new technology or unusual activities might also appeal. In health matters, Mars here can indicate circulation problems, shin, calf and ankle injuries and rare inflammatory conditions.

You are open to experimentation. You like to be involved in a variety of interests and activities to see what they are like. Anything new interests you. If a friend suggests something, you are first in line to give it a go. This also includes schemes and business ideas, some of which may not be that workable. You would benefit from some practical advice. When you do not get what you want, you just move on to the next project. Sometimes you can be overly fixated on a particular activity and at other times you can be a bit scattered. Your physical actions can be a bit erratic and jerky sometimes. Learning Tai Chi or yoga will help your energy to flow more rhythmically.

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