Mars in Aries in Medical Astrology

or Mars in the 1st House

With Mars here your energy is direct, strong, dynamic and even explosive at times. Sports and activities that suit your energy style include squash, martial arts, boxing, motorcar racing and similar activities that provide intense workouts and use high amounts of adrenaline. You probably enjoy competition.

Possible health problems with this location of Mars include cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, muscle inflammation, acid-alkaline imbalances, headaches or migraines. Anger can be the root cause of some of these conditions. Anger management can go a long way towards a return to health. You tend to use a great deal of energy, and may not have enough stores of energy to call upon when you need them. If your energy wanes, it could be because you have developed a deficiency with one of the minerals or vitamins associated with Mars. Likewise disorders of the blood are also possible. At times you can be overly focussed on having you own desires fulfilled. You can be aggressive and self-centred, and you are capable of destructive behaviour when you do not get your own way. Learn to direct your energy into worthwhile activities. Try to think things through before taking action.

Burnout, chronic fatigue or exhaustion can occur when you overdo things physically and deplete yourself of important nutrition. You enjoy taking risks and experiencing adrenaline highs that come with adventure. However, accidents are possible, especially broken bones and head injuries, which are more likely to happen when you are hasty and impatient. Ensure that you balance your high energy output with enough input of nutrition.

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