Mars in Cancer in Medical Astrology

or Mars in the 4th House

Your physical energy is largely determined by your moods and feelings and it can therefore fluctuate a good deal. You are capable of engaging in any exercise or activity, but sometimes you give up if you feel that progress is too slow, or if you don’t feel comfortable with the environment, or people you encounter. You are open to trying most things at least once, but much depends on how the mood strikes you.

When you are feeling secure and happy within yourself you will express yourself with enthusiasm and dynamic energy. You can be very tenacious and determined in the way you go about getting what you want, but when you feel vulnerable, insecure or upset, you can become sulky, emotional and withdrawn. When things do not go according to plan you can also dwell on issues from the past.

Because much depends on your sense of emotional security, you probably have a strong interest in establishing a secure home and family base from which to operate. You like to have your home life settled, but there can often be a great deal of activity going on in the home and this can disrupt your sense of equilibrium. You probably possess good business sense and working from home might appeal, likewise, raising a family could be one of your most fulfilling roles. You might also have a passion for home renovating. In one way or another, having a secure and stable emotional and home environment is key to how you go about expressing yourself. Physical problems associated with this position of Mars are most often experienced as stomach or digestion problems, or emotional disorders.

Sometimes there can be a conflict between your personal life and professional life, which can make it difficult for you to determine your priorities. Try to find a happy balance between your needs and your passions, which will help to balance your emotional equilibrium.

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