Mars in Capricorn in Medical Astrology

or Mars in the 10th House

Your energy is released in a measured way. You are likely to go in for activities and exercises that require stamina and endurance. For example: rock climbing, bushwalking, golf, gardening, yoga or weight training. Your energy is often directed into your professional life and consequently you might find it difficult to make time for exercise, on the other hand, once you commit yourself to a routine, and make the time, you are usually very disciplined and can adopt a regular exercise schedule with relative ease. You may even end up working in a profession related to sport or athletics.

You are a hard worker and are prepared to put your energy into whatever you undertake and work towards the desired result over a long period of time. Possible health problems from this Mars position include inflammation of joints, arthritis, and chronic knee problems.

You have a strong desire to attain professional success and you have the where with all, to make your desires into realities. You recognise that others, especially those in a position of authority, can assist you to make your way in the world, but you are prepared to rely on your own efforts too. This is a winning combination. You tend to be a planner and are very pragmatic. When you encounter obstacles, you just work harder. Sometimes you can be overly focussed on material success or professional status. Make an equal effort where your health in concerned.

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