Mars in Gemini in Medical Astrology

or Mars in the 3rd House

You are often on the go and may find it difficult to sit still for very long. Full of ideas, you often rush into activities very quickly with a burst of enthusiasm, but sometimes you have trouble seeing your projects through because you become interested in the next idea. You are probably expert at networking and do not take no for an answer. In short, you burn up a great deal of energy, both mental and physical and can deplete your body of fuel if you are not careful. Consider taking regular supplements of vitamins and minerals and try to eat well. Sports and exercise that suit your energy type include running, team sports, and racquet sports such as tennis, squash or badminton. Aerobics, cycling and gym classes also suit your energy style. You likely enjoy combining social contact and exercise. You possess excellent communication skills and enjoy expressing your ideas and opinions, but when angry you can become verbally aggressive when you are rushed and under pressure. You like being busy, but when things get too manic you can develop chest infections, colds and other respiratory conditions, which can be a signal that you need to slow down, look after yourself and get in touch with your inner feelings. Writing things down is a good place to start.

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