Mars in Leo in Medical Astrology

or Mars in the 5th House

You probably enjoy sports of all kinds and your physical energy is dynamic and powerful. You enjoy exercise, more so when pitted in competition with others, because you like to win. Squash, cycling, triathlon, basketball, or football, are just some of the possible activities you might enjoy. You are generally very healthy and active, but you tend to ignore physical symptoms when they emerge, so try to remember to deal with injuries as soon as they happen and if you do not feel well, get your health assessed. You are not often ill, but some of the possible health impacts this Mars position include a range of inflammatory conditions, and can include heart problems, circulatory conditions, varicose veins, and back and spinal problems. You can also be prone to accidents.

You go after what you want with a dynamic energy that often does not take into account the needs of others. You can be so focussed on expressing your own creative energies, that you simply overlook the wider implications. Your enthusiasm is infectious, but you can be overly egocentric, often without meaning to be.

Your passions also influence your personal relationships. You possess a strong sexual energy, but you can get yourself into trouble if you use it indiscriminately. Try to channel your highly creative passions into worthwhile activities that can make a difference to the happiness of others, including children, with whom you may have a strong affinity.

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