Mars in Libra in Medical Astrology

or Mars in the 7th House

You can use your Mars energy in a variety of ways, but at times you can lack drive and may need the input of others to motivate you. Activities that suit your energy style involve combining sport and exercise with social contact. Team sports are therefore a good outlet for you. When you exercise, ensure that you drink enough water, as you can be prone to dehydration, cystitis or kidney conditions. You can be highly competitive and once you get into it, you find exercise enjoyable, but you can easily become sidetracked by your many commitments. At times you can become overly competitive and can get into heated debates if you feel unfairly treated. This can be counter-productive.
Finding a partner with whom you can share your exercise routine can help you to stay focussed.

Although it is important for you to share your interests with other people, paradoxically you can create conflict without meaning to. Sometimes you place too much importance on having the input, or approval of others, which can lead you to become frustrated, or angry with yourself, because you are giving away your power to others, in an attempt to be fair. Because you sometimes have difficulty expressing what you want directly, you can over react and create unnecessary conflict. This in turn can make you stressed. Try to find a way to honour your own desires, while also permitting others their own autonomy.

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