Mars in Pisces in Medical Astrology

or Mars in the 12th House

Your energy can ebb and flow according to your inner psychological state. Sometimes you are full of dynamic energy and at other times can be prone to lethargy or chronic fatigue, or other conditions that affect your energy output. Sometimes you can have trouble retaining your focus on what it is that you are doing and can easily become distracted. Your energy style is suited to all types of water sports including swimming, rowing, surfing, and sailing. When you put your focus and desire into attaining personal milestones, you can be an inspiration to others, but you are probably not really interested in competition. Bushwalking or spending time regularly communing with nature will soothe your spirit. Health problems associated with this Mars position include bursitis, bunions and other feet problems, issues with fluid metabolism or lymph and endocrine imbalances. With this Mars position, alcohol and drugs are best avoided.

Finding a spiritual and creative outlet is most important for your wellbeing. Otherwise you may lack a sense of direction and/or motivation. You probably have unique artistic gifts and enormous creative potential and your physical energy is largely dependent upon your inner psychological wellbeing.

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