Mars in Sagittarius in Medical Astrology

or Mars in the 9th House

You have an adventurous style of energy and vitality. You might enjoy activities and sports such as: horse riding, skydiving, bushwalking, archery, or orienteering. You especially like the great outdoors, travelling and experiencing the world around you, including different cultures. You have an adventurous spirit and will probably try anything at least once. You are a risk taker and maybe an adrenaline “junkie”. Possible health impacts that you can suffer from include: hip and leg injuries, sciatica or inflammation in the pelvic region, as well as infections. Accidents are also possible with Mars located here.

You are very restless and dislike being limited or restricted. You may continually seek excitement and adventure and this is when things can get out of control, if you are not careful.

You may be particularly gifted as an athlete, but discipline can be your biggest hurdle, over which you may struggle to jump. Coach or mentor, can be a fulfilling role for you also.

The world is your home. You have larger than life, highly enthusiastic approach to living that can be an inspiration to others. Equally, you can be full of grand plans and wild schemes that you find difficult to apply in a practical way. Nevertheless, with such grand visions, others may follow your lead and take on the details that you tend to overlook.

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