Mars in Scorpio in Medical Astrology

or Mars in the 8th House

Your energy style is dynamic and intense. You are both powerful and determined. You probably excel at sports and exercise and like rise to any challenges. You are more than capable in a variety of physical activities, but will probably enjoy those where you must focus both on attaining a goal and at the same time challenging yourself. Martial arts, weight-training, boxing and sports requiring endurance are some suggestions. You enjoy having an active sex life and probably consider sex to be the best exercise of all. Possible health problems for you include infections of the reproductive organs, lower back problems or constipation. Money worries can impact on your health too.

It is important for you to have a firm measure of control. You go after what you want with passion and intensity and with your persistence, you will press on despite any obstacles that you encounter. If you do not have an outlet for your passions, you can become frustrated and this can turn into aggression and even vindictiveness. You possess an incredibly creative energy, but this can turn into destructive tendencies when you become angry or frustrated. It is therefore important that you channel your dynamic energy into productive outlets, where reforms and changes are needed. Learn to let go of things that you cannot control. You will probably benefit enormously from learning meditation or yoga and long-distance swimming could be a good outlet too.

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