Mars in Taurus in Medical Astrology

or Mars in the 2nd House

Your Mars energy tends to be measured and slowly released. You are capable of concentrated and sustained effort and activities that involve committing yourself to a plan or goal and working towards it over a period of time. Weight training, dance and yoga are suitable exercise options. You are very focussed and determined once you set yourself a task. You will keep on going until you get what you want, even if this takes years.

Money is important to you, mainly because it means that you can do more of what you want to do. When you don’t have enough money you can feel frustrated, but you are persistent. You will keep on pressing on towards your goals until you attain them. Working for yourself and earning your income from utilising your entrepreneurial skills could be a good way to express your energy. Sometimes you can be so focussed on earning a living or making money, that you have little time for exercise. It is important to watch your diet and to make time for physical activity because you can easily put on weight and develop associated health problems if you fall into bad habits. Other possible health concerns for you include tonsillitis, throat inflammation, laryngitis, neck tension or hyperthyroidism. Once you make up your mind to do something however, you commit yourself fully. Develop a regular exercise plan and stick with it.

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