Mars in the 6th House in Medical Astrology

or Ruler of 6th House is Mars

You are very driven when it comes to work and you expend a great deal of energy in your daily activities. You tend to take on a huge workload and may not realise that at times you need to rest. As a result, you might experience burn out. You are highly energetic, but you need to realise that you are not infallible and that your energy needs to be replenished. Check your iron levels from time to time. Because your output often exceeds your input, you may need regular multi-vitamins and mineral supplements.

Areas of the body to monitor for cumulative stress build up are: the head, face, eyes, adrenal glands, muscles and blood. Watch for headaches, fevers, inflammatory conditions, stomach acidity and accidents that can lead to broken bones. You can also be prone to high-blood pressure and anaemia. Most of these problems can be dealt with by changing your habits.

Exercise regularly, but again don’t overdo things. You are probably quite passionate, single-minded and competitive about your work, but you can become frustrated, impatient, or angry when things do not go according to plan. You might be suited to self-employment, as you enjoy having autonomy and getting results from your own efforts. It is important that you try to balance all this activity and energy with time spent just relaxing. Limit your intake of spicy food and alcohol.

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