Mars Sun in Medical Astrology

Mars Conjunct/Hard Sun

You are a highly dynamic person and tend to expend a great deal of energy in all you do. You are probably quite driven and very active. You may take risks and enjoy experiencing adrenaline highs that come with adventure. Accidents are possible, including possible broken bones and head injuries, particularly if you are given to be too hasty or impatient.

It is vital to ensure you have enough stores of physical energy to call upon. Iron, Cobalt, Chlorine, Folic Acid, Molybdenum, Selenium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Fatty Acids and Vitamin B12 are associated with energy and vitality. If your energy wanes it is important to investigate any potential deficiency of these minerals and vitamins. Magnesium and Iodine and Vitamin D are also vital. You sometimes tend to overdo things and push yourself to the absolute limit. As a result you are open to a range of potential problems such as cardiovascular ailments, high blood pressure, inflammation, acid-alkaline imbalance, headaches, migraines and fevers, or blood disorders such as anaemia, from too little iron.
Vitamin and mineral supplements can assist, but also try to eat the correct foods and don’t go overboard with alcohol.

Because you are dynamic and driven, you can also be explosive at times and anger can be the root cause of some of these conditions. Anger management can go a long way towards a return to health. Calming, soothing and relaxing activities are probably something you don’t have time for, but they are necessary and vital to your overall wellbeing.

Stress can manifest in other ways too. Adrenal exhaustion, sexual problems, and chronic fatigue can occur. But all these conditions are more likely if you ignore symptoms and continue to overdo things when you should rest and recuperate.

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