Medical Astrology and Elements

Element Fire Strong

It is quite vital that you have a creative outlet and a high degree of autonomy and personal freedom to feel a sense of wellbeing. You are a passionate, dynamic and creative person and you usually have a lot of energy. However, on occasion your output can be higher than your input and this can lead to burnout and fatigue. With too much fire you can also be ultra-competitive, which can lead to exhaustion, circulatory diseases and even forms of paralysis, if unchecked. Calming colours, such as blues and greens can assist to balance your excess of fire. Meditation and relaxation are also important. You have enough heat in the body and adding to this with spicy food and alcohol can also cause health problems. You might need to eliminate these substances from your diet altogether, difficult though this may be. Try at least to reduce your intake of these heat-producing foods. Doing so will restore balance to your system.

Element Fire Weak

You may have a weaker constitution than most and may lack energy, enthusiasm or vitality. You can benefit from including spicy food and blood-stimulating food in your diet. The colour red can help to speed up your metabolism, this includes eating red foods, wearing red clothing and other forms of colour therapy. Your system can also benefit from regular vitamin and mineral supplements. If you make an effort to exercise more, your circulation and energy levels will actually increase, but go at your own pace. Positive thinking can also enhance you your motivation.

Element Earth Strong

You possess a highly resilient and grounded energy, but with too much earth, your metabolism can be slow at times. Your digestion can be sluggish and can be adversely affected by consuming too many heavy foods such as meat and cheese that cause congestion and constipation. Your bones are probably strong, but you can become stiff and suffer arthritic conditions. You can also be prone to colds and sinus trouble. It is important for you to include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet and to drink enough water. Changing your routine once in a while and making space in your life for creative expression can also uplift your spirits. Regular exercise and movement is also important.

Element Earth Weak

With a lack of earth you are somewhat ungrounded and you may lack stamina or endurance. Your physical body may not be overly strong and you will therefore benefit from incorporating highly nutritious food in your diet. Eating root vegetables will help to build up your earth energy. Try to remember to eat well. Regular meals and a routine of physical activity will assist you to build up your strength and energy. Gardening can be a good activity to ground you too. Earthy colours such as greens, dark yellows and browns can also help to enhance the energy of the earth element.

Element Air Strong

You live in a world of ideas and activity. Because you are on the go and highly social, you can sometimes forget about the importance of the physical body. You are more likely to be underweight than overweight and you tend to jump from one thing to another quite rapidly. In the process you can subject yourself to a great deal of mental stress. You can easily deplete your system of nutrients if you fail to pay attention to your diet. Regular vitamin and mineral supplements, especially B-group vitamins can be most beneficial to your system. Too much air can lead to conditions such as insomnia, or diseases of the nervous system, so it is important that you learn to relax. Meditation may be difficult for you, but it will help to calm your nerves. Wearing earthy colours and blues, greens and violet hues can be helpful in this way also. If you have trouble sleeping, try a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow.

Element Air Weak

You can be prone to isolate yourself socially from the world, which can lead to depression and related problems. Make an effort to get out and about and interact with people. Friends and other personal relationships, the sharing of ideas and exchanging information are ways you can express yourself and lead you to have more confidence, especially in social situations. Wearing bright yellow, green-blue and orange colours can help to bring about more balance in these areas.

Element Water Strong

Your emotional wellbeing plays a vital role in your overall health. Try not to head for food or alcohol when you are under emotional stress. When you are not feeling supported and nurtured, you can be prone to depression and weight gain. Finding ways and means to establish harmonious relationships and supportive connections is important for you. So too is having an outlet for your highly developed imagination. With an abundance of water, you are a sensitive person and you can be prone to drink too much alcohol, or to seek solace in drugs. Try to face up to the reality of your situation without fear. Too much water can also be associated with mental illnesses and emotional disorders. Grounding earthy colours and activities can make a real difference. Learning how to handle your responsibilities by undertaking practical training can also help you as having a strong framework or structure can help you recognise your boundaries. When you are feeling positive about yourself and your world, you are a caring and nurturing person who can contribute substantially to the wellbeing of others. When you are feeling down, try to talk things through with someone close. Try to remember that you are loved, no matter what. Bright, happy colours such as red, orange and bright yellow can uplift your spirits.

Element Water Weak

It can be difficult for you to express your feelings; indeed you can have trouble actually knowing what your feelings are. Emotional scenes can make you uncomfortable. Others may see you as unfeeling, or even cold and aloof, but actually you are a sensitive person and probably hide your feelings. Keeping a journal can help you to get in touch with your feelings and become more comfortable in expressing yourself. Drink plenty of water especially when exercising, as you can be prone to dehydration. Colours such as deep blues and violet shades can assist you to find a sense of inner peace and reconnect you with your emotional centre when you feel inner uncertainty.

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