Medical Astrology and Modes

Mode Cardinal Strong

Cardinal energy is associated with strong leadership qualities. You react to stress intensely, but also recover your vitality quickly. With a strong cardinal energy you tend to go after what you want in life by taking the initiative. When you encounter problems, you tackle them directly. Stress tends to originate mainly from a combination of family issues and work pressure as you try to manage your various responsibilities and personal relationships. You tend to be very driven and active and you can become stressed when you feel your personal authority is being compromised. You could be prone to arthritic problems, stomach upsets, kidney problems or headaches. You like to be in charge and do not like being told what to do. It is important for your sense of wellbeing that you have goals that you actively work towards attaining. You tackle problems by taking action, but doing too much can be your Achilles heel.

Mode Fixed Strong

Fixed energy is determined and persistent. With an abundance of fixed energy you will stick with a project until it is finished and even well beyond. Generally you are highly resilient to disease and do not get sick often, but when illness does strike, it can be serious and/or take you a while to recover, sometimes because stress has been building up for a considerable period. When illness does come your way, it is often because of a tendency to dwell on issues and because you have trouble adapting to change and letting go. You can benefit enormously from practising relaxation techniques such as meditation and by recognising that change is part of life. With too much fixed energy, you can be prone to ulcers, constipation, tumours and also cancer. To avoid developing these problems, it is important that you learn to emotionally let go of any feelings of guilt, blame, resentment or vengeance, by recognising that the universe and all it contains is infinite, dynamic, creative and bountiful. Use your strong passionate energy in ways that support others and yourself.

Mode Mutable Strong

Mutable energy is associated with communication and change. With an excess of mutable energy, you are highly adaptable. Because of these flexible qualities, you generally cope with stress much better than either strongly cardinal or highly fixed types, but at the same time you are prone to picking up infections and passing viruses. When you are stressed, it mainly comes from an inner state of worry, boredom, and a lack of purpose or meaning, or from trying to do too much at once. These are things you can change by altering your attitude. Your energy can be a bit scattered and although you are highly versatile, you may need to develop a little more consistency, which can help to stabilise your inherently restless nature.

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