Mercury Conjunct Ascendant in Medical Astrology

or Mercury in 1st House

Mentally, you are very alert and tend to run on nervous energy. You like to keep your mind busy. You adapt easily to your environment, but can sometimes spread yourself too thin and can over-commit yourself to doing too many things at once. For you, stress can result in respiratory illnesses, such as hay fever, bronchitis or asthma and you can pick up passing viral infections easily when you are run-down. You can sometimes worry about a range of issues, including your health, which can have a detrimental impact on your wellbeing if you dwell on negatives.

Relaxation techniques can be very useful and aid healing, but as you are restless, it may be difficult for you to slow down and focus in this way. Likewise, when you are ill, you probably get bored. No matter how sick you feel, you try to keep your mind occupied. It might be difficult to rest, but you will derive enormous benefit from making the effort.

You may have a dislike, or fear, of doctors and sometimes have strong opinions about their shortcomings. Because you think that you know better, getting several opinions, as well as doing your own research, will help guide you when it comes to your own health interests.

The underlying cause of any recurring respiratory or digestive complaints that might come your way could be emotional and relate to issues that you sometimes try to avoid by constant mental activity. It is somewhat difficult for you to express your feelings, but getting in touch with your emotions can be highly cathartic and healing.

When you are ill, you should try to rest your mind as well as your body, difficult though this may be. Ensure that you eat well, as you sometimes think you can exist on just air. Make an effort to eat regular, healthy meals and ensure you get plenty of B-group vitamins.

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