Mercury Hard Ascendant in Medical Astrology

Ruler of Ascendant Hard Mercury
Ruler of Ascendant Conjunct Mercury

You are given to behaving in very spontaneous and changeable ways according to the whims of the moment and the people and circumstances in which you find yourself. You can be an extravert and also an introvert. You are highly adaptable and cope pretty well with the stresses of daily life, however you may be prone to catching viruses, colds and flu, gastric problems, or ingesting substances that have a detrimental effect. You may also experience accidents from a tendency to rush without enough forethought. Both respiratory conditions and digestive complaints may be associated with an underlying allergic response to certain foods or air-borne substances such as pollen or dust. Some of these symptoms may be brought on by too little thiamine (B1). Thiamine deficiency can also result in nervous complaints and even nerve damage. Communication problems such as stuttering or autism may also be related to this aspect. You are highly capable and intelligent, but you are inclined to take on too much, perhaps because of a need to show others how efficient or clever you are. Try to keep an open mind as you learn from your experiences.

As you move through life you will likely grow out of most of these problems and develop a strong mind and a powerful way of expressing your opinions and ideas, without having anything to prove. Ensure you get enough B-Group vitamins, especially during times of stress.

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