Moon Hard 6th in Medical Astrology

You feel things deeply and can become passionately involved in causes. Somehow you can identify with issues such as homelessness, emotional suffering or poverty, which may resonate within you and lead you to take action. Your paid work is not necessarily where you feel a calling. In performing your duties, whether paid or unpaid, you want to feel you are doing something worthwhile and that you are needed. It could be that your main role is raising a family and parenting. Learn to honour your feelings and do not over commit to doing things when you feel uncomfortable about doing so. Listen to and honour your intuition. You have a generous heart and the capacity to give to others selflessly, but you need to feel comfortable about doing so before you can truly nurture others in a spirit of unselfish giving. Likewise try to resist smothering others. With this aspect there is the potential for a sodium/potassium imbalance and/or hormonal fluctuations that might require monitoring or treatment. At times of stress, you probably need to withdraw from the world and your external commitments to reconnect with your emotional centre. If you feel unwell, or emotionally over taxed, take time out to recuperate. Let others nurture you for a change. Soaking in a bath with added oils of Lavender, Cedarwood and Lemongrass will restore and strengthen you when you feel anxious or emotionally overwhelmed.

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