Moon in 10th House

moonin10thhouse-jpgThe Moon is placed in the tenth house of your birth chart suggesting that you’re ambitious and enjoy your job, spending much time in the workplace, working odd hours to make sure that you get ahead in your career. You’ve a need to be publicly recognised for your achievements, and this need may or may not be satisfied during your lifetime. It’s likely that you succeed in your chosen profession at some stage during your life, but whether or not this success is enduring depends on other sections of your birth chart. It’s true to say that your professional life undergoes several changes during the course of your life, with rises to fame and popularity, and possible falls from grace. You’re also likely to move into a completely different field of work at least once in your lifetime. You seek stimulation through your work, particularly enjoying travelling to foreign countries for business purposes. Your relationship with women, in particular your mother, may also play a prominent role in your career. You’ve a powerful relationship with your mother and her influence on your chosen career path may be subtle or obvious. In ancient times the Moon was considered to be in a strong position when placed in the angular tenth house of a chart, meaning that you’re in a strong position to achieve your ambitions.

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