Moon in 11th House

moonin11thhouse-jpgThe Moon is placed in the eleventh house of your birth chart suggesting that friends and acquaintances are a major feature of your life, influencing you both positively and negatively. On the one hand your friends can be unreliable and changeable failing to live up to your ideals of true friendship. It may be that your friends change within themselves and move on emotionally, or simply that they move out of town and lose contact. Either way you suffer because you feel a sense of loss when separated from your friends. You seek a sense of security from your relationships with other people, only feeling safe when surrounded by warm and loving friends. This is particularly true of your women friends and groups of women, which are likely to feature prominently. Sudden changes in friendships can be disappointing. On a more positive note you can benefit from your large circle of acquaintances who help you emotionally and financially to achieve your own hopes and wishes. You enjoy popularity in groups, particularly when you feel that you feel a sense of belonging. You may find yourself drawn towards humanitarian groups.

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