Moon in 2nd House

moonin2ndhouse-jpgThe Moon is placed in the second house of your birth chart suggesting that you seek emotional security through accruing possessions, although this can be frustrating at times because your personal fortunes have a tendency to fluctuate during your life. Consequently, you face periods of economic insecurity when your fortunes suddenly change. Fortunately you’ve the inner resources to adapt to these changes in income and usually you gain rather than lose money. However, you need to be wary of other aspects in your birth chart which could indicate failing fortunes. Your finances are closely tied to your work, and you’re likely to benefit from a job that is connected with either water, or with the public at large rather than one where you’ve little contact with other people or contact with only a few people.

You may also work in a profession that caters for people’s needs such as the hospitality industry or child care. Your personal finances may also receive a boost through a prominent woman in your life, perhaps your mother or her side of the family. This can be financial help, joint investments or inheritances.

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