Moon in 4th House

moonin4thhouse-jpgThe Moon is placed in the fourth house of your birth chart suggesting that your place of residence is constantly undergoing change. This can be that you frequently move home, that your house is constantly in a state of renovation or that the members of your household are constantly coming and going. Whatever the scenario, it’s likely that as a result your home doesn’t feel secure. Perhaps this doesn’t concern you, but it’s more likely that it does leave you feeling somehow without roots, perhaps even reminding you of childhood insecurities. It is possible that you were separated from one or both of your parents at a young age, perhaps even fostered to live with another family or adopted at birth. As an adult you may learn to adapt positively to the constant changes in your domestic life, or you may feel a constant sense of instability. You’ve a strong desire to live by the water, and this may provide a sense of deep satisfaction. You could also benefit from working on the land or dealing in property.

Depending on the other sections of your birth chart, you could benefit from an inheritance from women. In ancient times the Moon was considered to be in a strong position when placed in the fourth house of a chart, meaning that you’re in a strong position to achieve your personal ambitions.

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