Moon in 5th House

moonin5thhouse-jpgThe Moon is placed in the fifth house of your birth chart suggesting that pleasurable pastimes play a prominent role in your life giving you a joie de vivre which is infectious. Sometimes your tendency to play rather than work can stand in the way of you holding down a regular job. Responsibilities simply don’t seem to hold the same appeal as play. On a more positive note you’re fun-loving and enjoy the company of other people, particularly young people and children. Others respond to your sense of fun and you don’t have to look far for company in your playful escapades. These can include fun-filled outings to pleasure parks, evenings at the theatre or a good old-fashioned picnic. You never seem to run out of ideas. You also enjoy the company of the opposite sex and romantic outings. It’s possible that you earn your money through a job connected with amusements or with children. ¬†Perhaps you also have many of your own children, who take up quite a bit of your time and give you a good excuse to go out and play. You also like games of chance and speculation. For this reason you need to be wary of tendencies to get carried away with gambling.

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