Moon in 6th House

moonin6thhouse-jpgThe Moon is placed in the sixth house of your birth chart suggesting that health – intellectual, emotional or the physical component – is a major focus of your life. Other components of your birth chart may indicate whether intellectual, emotional and/or physical health is the focus. Whatever the focus your own health can be a constant source of pre-occupation forcing you to constantly adjust your daily commitments and to reassess your priorities in life. Sometimes
it’s other people’s health that concerns you, particularly a woman close to your heart. It’s possible that you suffered from ill health early in your life, or that you suffered emotional or intellectual setbacks in early childhood. Perhaps you’re still bearing the brunt of childhood experiences. It’s also possible that you’ve learnt a great deal about the relationship between the mind and the body. You may want to share your own discoveries about medical treatments and the healing process with other people, possibly through your work. Your health may disrupt your daily routine, or perhaps you’ve learnt to adapt your lifestyle. Either way your daily life is constantly undergoing change, routines being disrupted by unforeseen circumstances. Finding a way to serve your fellow humans may be more important, more so than shining in your own right. Therefore you’re likely to choose an occupation whereby you can be of service to other people.

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