Moon in 8th House

moonin8thhouse-jpgThe Moon is placed in the eighth house of your birth chart suggesting that you have a need to understand the cycles of life and the metaphysical nature of the world. What happens after death? What energies are at play in human relationships? and Why do certain events seem to be synchronised? These are all questions which could be food for thought. You’re sensitive to the emotional undercurrents in many situations and want to explore this further, even if this┬ámeans exploring the world of occultism. It’s also possible that you suffered through the death of a loved one, possibly even the early death of your mother. Your experience opened many doors of enquiry, which can’t be closed. You’ve the ability to develop your interest in the occult world and to use your discoveries for practical results in your own and other people’s lives. Although financial gain can’t make up for the traumas that you suffered earlier in life, you’re likely to benefit through inheritances, particularly from your mother’s side of the family. This, of course, depends on other influences in your birth chart.

In some cases it’s the lack of financial support during childhood which can deeply affect your adult life. If this is the case you may seek comfort through other people’s resources – monetary and emotional – whether this is through joint projects or investments.

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