Moon in 9th House

moonin9thhouse-jpgThe Moon is placed in the ninth house of your birth chart suggesting that you’re an idealistic person who finds comfort through activities which lift your mind above the mundane world and place you in the middle of the realms of imagination, religion and philosophy. You’ve an inventive mind and the world of symbols holds great appeal. You love nothing better than to escape everyday life and what better escape routes than academic study, philosophy and religion and even the pleasures of travel. You enjoy travelling, particularly to foreign countries. While some people might have difficulty living out of a suitcase, you enjoy the freedom of being able to escape responsibilities and merge with other cultures. Although you are also happy to settle down and reside in a foreign country at some stage in your life. You have a keen imagination, with some psychic abilities, and you enjoy expanding your mind.

Therefore you’re also likely to inhabit the halls of learning at some period of your life, either as a student or as a lecturer. You may earn your living through law, publishing or religion. In fact you may be interested in publishing your memoirs, or in publishing other forms of creative writing, either your own creative works or other people’s. You’re likely to experience financial upheavals through your marriage partner’s relatives, possibly benefiting through these relatives, or contributing to their financial well-being.

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