Progressed Moon in Cancer

moonincancer-jpgThe Moon has a special affinity with Cancer since both are concerned with one’s internal emotional state and needs. While it’s quite possible that you may be feeling more moody, as in your moods seeming to change more often and easily, it may also simply be that your awareness of your moods is heightened, so you notice emotional shifts more readily. This is useful as you enter a Cancer progression, as we’ll soon see. A mood of wistfulness or dreaminess may be prevalent. You may also feel a desire to hibernate, depending on the current house through which your progressed Moon is traveling. In some ways you are diving deeply into yourself, so sometimes literally hiding yourself away can be comforting. At the very least, knocking some of the more unnecessary or frivolous tasks off your to-do list can be one way to help take the chaos down a notch.

While there is much more to Cancer than the stereotype of “home and family,” many people find themselves quite literally setting up an actual home, getting engaged or married, or having children around this time. Even the acquisition of pets can coincide with a Cancer progression because occupying oneself with loved ones or one’s hearth and home is one powerful way to get in touch with one’s heart. I had a client who was shocked to find he actually enjoyed domestic chores such as cooking and cleaning during this time, and started taking a cooking class to get better at it. A welcoming home environment, good food, and a loving family all have one thing in common: they are meant to nurture you.

You may find you enjoy investing in your actual home space, whether it’s structural improvements to the building itself, or decoration to the outside or inside. Changes intended to be more permanent, such as paint or new flooring, or improvements that are ongoing, such as gardening, weekly fresh flowers, and lighting aromatic candles, can all contribute to creating a home that is not only welcoming, but reflects you and can therefore encourage you to relax and feel the protection and support you need. If you feel inclined to hibernate a bit during this progression, make sure you have a comfy place to put your feet at least! The very act of focusing on your home in a literal sense can facilitate taking seriously the importance of having the right support in your life.

Read complete description in Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring

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