Moon in Cancer

moonincancer-jpgYou’ll find that Cancer Moons are even more sensitive, more emotional, and more easily wounded than Cancer Suns—but, on the other hand, they also score higher on the positive traits of the sign. Giving and receiving nurturing can be strongly emotionally fulfilling. They are protective, caring people who know how to make other people feel at home. Their homes are great sources of comfort and solace for them and the people they love so devotedly, and it’s sometimes hard to get them to leave them. They know how to cherish the past and people who were important in it yet can sometimes be too bound up in past events and ties. For Cancer Moon people, family ties play a large role in their lives.[..]

The emotional balance of these individuals is powerfully affected by the Moon itself, so paying attention to the Moon’s daily and yearly path can be useful in order to stay balanced and achieve some serenity. The women are much affected by the menstrual cycle. To feel less vulnerable, some Cancer Moons may anesthetize themselves with food or other substances.

In today’s rapidly changing world, this Moon sign can be extremely insecure and thus has a great need for a home base and solid roots. Moving is a major trauma, which can throw them off base for a year or longer. Maintaining family heirlooms or family connections can be comforting, yet many Cancer Moons have suffered—and I do mean suffered—from unfortunate disruptions in family ties. Building à surrogate family through friendships or at work can be a real solace. My theory is that Cancer was once a fine, mellow Moon sign, but that Moon children have been shaken badly by the vast changes in this century in the lunar areas of life—roots, home, family, and women’s roles, in particular. For instance, with each of us now moving an average of thirteen times in a lifetime, our ties are continually being uprooted as we or our loved ones move away.

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