Moon in Capricorn

moonincapricorn-jpgLike the mountain goat that symbolizes this sign, Capricorn Moons are climbers. They have the self-discipline to put aside immediate gratification for long-range goals and career advancement. They have an instinct for organizing, planning, and bringing structure to situations, so they are excellent administrators. Given all these traits, this ambitious Moon sign, with its drive to get to the top, encompasses such major and memorable world leaders as Napoleon, Augustus Caesar, Abraham Lincoln—and Adolf Hitler. Whether Capricorn’s organizing genius is turned to constructive or destructive uses depends on the evolution of the individual. Maybe they’re not all emperor material, but even those who never get known beyond their immediate environment have plenty of business and political savvy.[..]

They are particularly prone to turn anger into depression and to turn disappointment with others into self-condemnation. They can become extremely depressed at failure, being fired, or any setback to their plans, or if they perceive that they are in a dead-end job.[..]

The Capricorn drive to climb to the top is in large part a hedge against the deep insecurity of this sign. There is great fear about survival and about old age, because of early hardships, so there is a strong need to build a solid foundation. Capricorn Moons are capable of sacrificing immediate pleasures for long-range ambitions and of living a very spartan existence in order to insure the future. They can have a fairly pessimistic and cautious outlook. Charles Darwin, the chief proponent of the doctrine of survival of the fittest, had Moon in Capricorn, and there is a tinge of that philosophy in many of them.[..]

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