Progressed Moon in Gemini

mooningemini-jpgAfter the comfortable but sleepy calm of Taurus, you’ll start feeling ready for renewal, for a fresh start, fresh ideas, and fresh experiences to wake up your body, mind, and spirit. Taurus was about sinking into the natural flow of events, the natural rhythm to your life unfolding at a slow and steady pace. Entering Gemini, you’ll feel ready for change but, depending on the rest of your nature, it may take a while to dig yourself out of the trench of routines that you established during your Taurus progression. Lots of things seem to catch your attention now that didn’t move you before, whether their presence is new or just your interest in them. A general sense of restlessness and inquisitiveness readies you for new data and experiences.

All too often we think of Gemini in terms of the dispassionate air element qualities, such as mental analysis or communication, but Gemini is actually very playful energy and is just as much a tool of the fairies as the scientists. We consider curiosity as a tool or even a luxury of children (and cats), but you are ready to invite curiosity into your life again, and when you do, everything you don’t know about or haven’t experienced before can become fascinating. You’re invited to open your eyes wide as life shows you it ain’t over yet! The antidote for feeling like you know everything is to see something new. Your task during this progression is to find a way to see and experience life in a way you haven’t so far.

You’ve reached an emotional evolutionary state where you need to blow your own mind in amazement at the variety of experiences and wealth of knowledge that lie outside as well as inside of you. As you stir the pot in your brain a bit, you might have a few things to say about what you’ve seen and learned. Gemini likes to be a link in the chain of knowledge; it’s no fun to know something unless you get to tell it! This might be a great time to utilize your voice to express your perspective and share what you know.

Read complete description in Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring

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