Moon in Leo

mooninleo-jpgLeo Moons often have star quality and a certain pizzazz. No one can ignore them, for their arrival is like the sudden flare of klieg lights. They love a production—and many have been accused of being prima donnas. Just as the lion is the king of the jungle, these regal folks are the natural kings and queens of the zodiac. This Moon is common to first ladies and other leaders, like Queen Elizabeth II, and to the fabulous film queens of Hollywood’s romantic era, like Marlene Dietrich. Unevolved people with this Moon aspire to luxury, glamour, and a particularly flamboyant brand of hedonism.

Not all are so showy, however, because your well-bred and evolved Leo has great dignity and a great concern for the unprotected. They are loyal, magnanimous people, generous to a fault. This Moon also has an endearing warmth, humor, and childlike capacity for playacting. They generally relate well to children, for they haven’t lost touch with the child within.

Leo Moons don’t feel secure unless firmly ensconced in the commanding position. Taking a backseat makes them very nervous indeed. Their major insecurity is that of the ego, so many of these folks feel a need for constant attention and reassurance that they’re important to you. The home must be a palace or showplace, with lots of glamour, and then they feel secure. [..]

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