Moon in Libra

mooninlibra-jpgThe personal appeal of people born with this Moon sign is considerable, since they seem to have an instinct for putting themselves into other people’s shoes and doing the thing that pleases and makes others feel cared for. They put others first, often ignoring their own best interests, because they so much want loving connections. Although they continually put others first, inside they expect and hope that the scales will be balanced and they will be considered as well. Libra is a highly romantic Moon sign, encompassing such reputed ladies’ men as Burt Reynolds and Don Johnson. They can carry it to the point of obsession, since they don’t feel contented or secure unless love is in the air.[..]

The pink-cloud feelings of love and communion are the ones these people crave above all. Feelings that rock the boat or look ugly are not wanted so may be pushed down and strongly denied. These people become most upset at unfairness and inequality, both in personal relationships and in the world at large; they also hate being left out or not considered.

Conflict gets translated into “She loves me; she loves me not,” since if you express less pleasant feelings of your own, Libra Moons will conclude you don’t love them anymore. Unfortunately when discord is held in long enough behind a facade of sweetness and light, the romance goes sour anyway, and the Libra Moon will once more be out looking for Mr. or Ms. Right.[..]

Read more in the book Moon Signs: The Key to Your Inner Life by Donna Cunningham


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