Moon in Medical Astrology

The Moon symbolises our capacity to give and receive nurturing. Our feelings, emotions and personal inner life all relate to the Moon, as does food and nutrition. Our emotional wellbeing often relates to inherited patterns of behaviour from our parents and/or defence mechanisms that we learnt in childhood. The sign in which the Moon is located will describe the way in which our need for nurturing and emotional security is sought and met. As adults, we still have a child within us that continues to seek comfort and protection.

Moon in Aries

In having your emotional needs met, you are direct in expressing yourself and your passions. Although you are generally independent and can cope by yourself, your emotional and sexual energy are closely linked and if your needs are not being met, you can be forceful and demanding. In youth, you can be prone to temper tantrums, which is a coping mechanism you learnt in childhood. Your emotional wellbeing comes largely from having a high degree of independence and having your desires met straight away. You are not long on patience and can become angry when you are upset. When your emotional needs are being met you are generous to a fault and give your time and resources freely to anyone in need. You are a passionate, enthusiastic person, but you can be wilful. You can be prone to stomach acidity or gastric reflux, so it is probably a good idea not to eat or drink when you are feeling angry or upset. Peppermint antacid can work to cool your overheated digestion.

Moon in Taurus

You have a deeply sensuous nature. Emotional security is just as important to you as material security. Personal possessions and aromas often hold special memories that you find comforting. As you go about trying to have your needs met, you are persistent and do not take no for an answer. You probably love food and cooking, but you can be given to over eat, especially too much rich food. This is more likely to happen when your emotional (or financial) security is under threat. Over eating may stem from a childhood behaviour that you learned, for food made you feel comfortable and contented. You are dogged in your determination to find supportive relationships and you have a generous heart and a romantic nature. Aromatherapy massage can be especially soothing for you when you are in need of additional nurturing. You respond well to tactile therapies and are probably also good at giving these gifts to loved ones when in need.

Moon in Gemini

You get a sense of satisfaction and emotional wellbeing from expressing your ideas and opinions. You are alert and quite shrewd and forever on the lookout for the novel and new. It gives you a sense of emotional wellbeing to know that you have a clear-headed approach and can adapt to new situations. You can be quite restless and as a child may have learned to anticipate change by reacting before an event actually happened. You are versatile and a keen observer. You get immense satisfaction from knowing that you are cleverer than most. Talking things over with friends is a great outlet for you and you can quickly recover your sense of optimism and emotional equilibrium in this way. Your head will usually override your heart when it comes to having your needs met, as you can feel lost and uneasy when confronted with deeper emotions. Forging intellectual connections with people and learning new things are ways in which you gain emotional comfort. Because your mind is often full of ideas and internal dialogue, you can sometimes have trouble sleeping. A few drops of lavender oil on your pillow at night will help induce a sound sleep.

Moon in Cancer

You are highly sensitive, imaginative and intuitive. It is important for you to feel a sense of emotional security at all times. The source of this emotional security may be found in many places, including close family ties, a sense of family history, putting down roots in a certain place, intimate relationships, parenting, forging close connections with nature or animals, or by giving to others less fortunate. You are a caring and giving person. Whatever the source/s of your emotional security, the important thing for you is to feel that you have this emotional connection, for when you do not, you can lose your confidence, get involved in destructive relationships, or over indulge in food and/or alcohol as a way to fill yourself up. It can be difficult for you to let go of emotional connections once they are formed and separation anxiety can occur for a variety of reasons, especially if you feel rejected by others. In reaching for food to fill yourself up, or alcohol to drown your sorrows, you lead the risk of developing other emotional and/or health problems. At times you can also revert to coping mechanisms from childhood, seeking out a “parent” to take care of you. You possess a deep core of emotional strength within you, which it is important to honour. Giving to yourself and honouring your own needs will quickly restore your emotional core. Nine times out of ten, following your intuition will guide you along the right path.

Moon in Leo

When your emotional needs are being met you are a generous and giving soul, expressing yourself with confidence and creative leadership. You are a passionate person and it is important that you feel you are receiving tangible expressions of love from others, which can be in the form of admiration, gifts, or other expressions of love that support you emotionally. When you feel connected with your emotional centre, your generosity and loyalty are second to none, but when you feel unloved or unsupported emotionally, you can revert to coping mechanisms you learned as a child, which can manifest as a tendency to become self-indulgent or overly focussed on yourself. This was probably the way you coped as a child when you didn’t get the attention you wanted and as an adult you need to develop mature ways to honour your inner child. Giving to yourself on a regular basis and ensuring that you have an outlet for your creativity can go a long way to filling you up once again. Creatively expressing your feelings via art or other means is quite vital to your emotional health and wellbeing. When your heart is full you are generous to a fault and radiate warmth, confidence and compassion for all, in particular where your own children are concerned.

Moon in Virgo

Emotional security does not seem to be a real need in you, but this is because you are highly independent. In fact, you probably dislike being dependent on anyone or anything. You gain emotional satisfaction from working hard and being the best person you can possibly be. To others, you can sometimes seem aloof, but this is because you are rather shy. In fact, you have a strong need to be needed and you like to be of service. When called on, you give of yourself quite selflessly, but underneath you have a strong need to be acknowledged for your skills, organisational talents and common sense. You can sometimes go into a state of denial when it comes to your emotional needs, putting duties and responsibilities ahead of your own wellbeing. Doing this over a prolonged period can lead to health issues such as digestive problems, or emotionally related eating disorders such as anorexia. By recognising and acknowledging that your feelings and emotional needs are a vital component of your overall health and wellbeing, you begin to deepen your experiences as you express and share your feelings. You generally cope very well on your own and don’t really need large doses of human company in order to feel emotionally content, however spending time communing with nature and/or having a close animal companion or pet, can be quite vital for your emotional health.

Moon in Libra

Your emotional wellbeing comes primarily from human relationships of all kinds. You may not cope well with being on your own. Sometimes you are too dependent on others and can fall into the pattern of agreeing with others when you really do not want to. Your peace-loving and highly charming personality naturally shines forth, so you do not have to bend over backwards to make a good impression; indeed doing so can be counter-productive because it can appear to others that you are being dishonest as to your motives. Mostly, personal relationships are enormously satisfying to you and although you tend not to forge deeply intense emotional connections, you shine in social situations and enjoy networking which also brings you warm feelings of emotional wellbeing and comfort. When relationships falter, this can cause you a great deal of emotional pain and stress, so try to honour yourself more and recognise that your worth as a person is not dependent on the opinions of others.

Moon in Scorpio

There is deep well of emotion within you. This is the source of your inner passions and the same place where painful memories and wounds are stored. As a result, you often feel a deep need to keep your feelings under control. Passionate and intense, you have a highly magnetic energy that is both sensitive and powerful. You can be emotionally defensive at times, especially when you feel vulnerable and hence are capable of inflicting emotional wounds on others, often without meaning to. As a child you may have learned that attack was the best form of defence, which was the way you protected yourself from being hurt. Try to avoid self-destructive behaviour when you feel emotional pain. Bottling up your feelings can make matters worse and can lead to illness; while sexual and emotional intimacy brings you immense satisfaction. You will find that expressing your emotions and truly letting go, releases tremendous stores of emotional energy that strengthens you, while at the same time being a psychologically healing experience.

Moon in Sagittarius

You have a restless heart and are highly spontaneous in expressing yourself. Emotional security for you can be found in having access to freedom and not being pinned down to a set routine, or to commitments, obligations or responsibilities. You can run a mile when you encounter people or situations that limit your freedom. Although you are warm and passionate, you probably subscribe the adage, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. When you feel restricted or limited, you can resort to self-indulgent intake of food and drink, which is not in your best interests. You are an impetuous soul, who seeks emotional adventure in a variety of ways. However, reckless disregard of your responsibilities over a long period can lead you along paths that can be detrimental to your personal wellbeing and health. It is important that you feel you have a sense of mission or purpose. This can be a matter of trying a variety of options, some of which may take you far from home, before you discover what makes you feel truly emotionally fulfilled. You might actually be searching for love. You need to be aware that while risk-taking can be fun, things can get out of hand if you are not careful.

Moon in Capricorn

For you, emotional security can be found in traditions, in personal possessions and by making sure you can determine your own direction in life. You can appear cold and unfeeling to those who are more sensitive, but in fact you have just as strong a need for emotional security, it is just that you don’t go around expressing your feelings overtly. You probably dislike shows of emotion and are rather matter-of-fact. You derive emotional fulfilment from having your achievements acknowledged and you are also very attuned to your professional life, getting enormous satisfaction by playing the role of provider. Do not deny your own emotional needs in the process of fulfilling your responsibilities. Try to get more in touch with your feelings and personal needs now and then. With your matter-of-fact approach you can fall into patterns of denial when it comes to your own needs, as it can be difficult for you to get in touch with this part of yourself. This may stem from childhood experiences when you may have had to be strong, for one reason or another, or had a very strict parent who discouraged displays of emotion, which made you feel fearful about expressing your needs or appearing vulnerable. Recognise that you are, after all, only human. Learn to be kind and generous to yourself and this will flow on to your relationships with others.

Moon in Aquarius

You need to give your heart room to breathe. For you, emotional security can be found in a wide scope of possibilities, in particular, in community involvement, unusual or unconventional relationships and especially in having many close friends with whom you can share life’s experiences. In certain situations you can feel anxious and you might suffer from fears or phobias. It is possible that you occasionally have trouble with fluctuating emotions, or erratic hormones. You are highly independent and any kind of cloying emotional exchange can make you feel uncomfortable. There is a large part of you that prefers to remain separate and detached. Sometimes you can be a little insensitive or aloof, but actually this might be because you are avoiding facing painful emotions of your own. You have no problem trying new things; in fact you can feel quite renewed and emotionally enlivened by new experiences of all kinds. You have a strong sense of community spirit and get immense satisfaction from sharing ideas and information, which brings you a sense of personal fulfilment. Sharing experiences with friends is equally important to your sense of emotional wellbeing.

Moon in Pisces

Having sympathy and understanding for others provides you with a feeling of emotional health and wellbeing. You possess a deeply active imagination and a rich inner life. Expressing your feelings is something that you do quite naturally and comfortably, as you are in tune with your own sensitivity and personal needs, as well as the needs of others. But your peace loving and caring nature probably has great difficulty adjusting to some of the harsher aspects of life and being in aggressive situations can make you want to escape into dreams, fantasy or substance abuse. Having a peaceful place where you can find spiritual solace is important to you, as is having a creative outlet for your highly developed imagination. You are a caring person and give selflessly to anyone and everyone who might appear to need help. Try not to fall into dependent relationships out of a misplaced sense of service, or a desperate desire to connect or belong.

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