Moon in Scorpio

mooninscorpio-jpgScorpio Moons have the urge to dig deeply into motivations, emotions, and other hidden subjects, the sign being excellent for researchers, therapists, and occultists. They can focus energy and concentrate on their interests for long periods of time—or, in less positive cases, on their obsessions. A prime example is Pierre Curie, who literally dug through the dirt for years in his quest to isolate uranium.

Transformation and healing are deep concerns of this emotionally intense sign. Many have lived through very difficult childhoods and are remarkable for their strength, perseverance, and capacity to rise above circumstances that would crash lesser beings. They work hard to surmount their own problems and have a natural gift for counseling others. Jean Nidetch, founder of Weight Watchers, went through years of struggle with that lunar area of life, food, and then passed on what she learned.[..]

These are intensely emotional individuals who learned the hard way not to share their feelings. There is often a component of melancholy about them from unresolved grief over deaths or losses early in life. Their most powerful set of feelings are the Siamese twins guilt and resentment. This brooding on past hurts can build up to a poisonous level, creating alienation from the world, so it is crucial for these people to work on releasing them. In the search to heal themselves, they dig deeply into their own feelings and those of others, having a natural gift for analysis and understanding motivation.[..]

Read more in the book Moon Signs: The Key to Your Inner Life by Donna Cunningham


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