Moon in the 6th House in Medical Astrology

or Ruler of 6th House is Moon

It is important for you to eat well. Your eating habits and diet have a particular impact on your overall health. When under stress you might tend to reach for food, or you may develop specific food allergies.

You are a caring person who understands the feelings and emotions of others, but you need to honour your own feelings too. It is important that you feel good about your work situation, as stress in the workplace can take a toll. You might prefer to take on the role of homemaker, or caregiver, or to work from home, rather than have a regular job in the wider world. Whatever your daily routine, activities or occupation, honour your feelings and your intuition and learn to nurture yourself, as well as others.

Failing to honour your feelings in this way, can lead to a range of psychosomatic reactions including stomach upsets and problems with the digestive system. Prolonged stress and bad habits can also lead to problems with breasts, lymph circulation, or fluid metabolism. Hormonal imbalances and emotional disorders such as depression can also result.

You sometimes tend to hold your emotions inside you and may feel uncomfortable about sharing your feelings, but finding a comfortable way to express your emotions will lift a weight from your heart. Ensure you get plenty of potassium and B-Group vitamins in your diet, especially during times of stress.

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