Moon in Virgo

mooninvirgo-jpgMore than anything, Virgo wants to be perfect, and the instincts of Virgo Moons are quick to hone in on anything wrong with themselves or others—sometimes none too tactfully. The archetypal Virgo Moon was Emily Post, with her emphasis on correctness and refinement in manners. The sign has a built-in memory bank for precise detail, but when that walking data bank is keeping track of your transgressions and imperfections, you’d settle for a better forgettery. This sign can be extremely critical, and yet they demand from others no more than they expect from themselves. And, they’re oh-so-willing to improve themselves and to help you improve as well.[..]

Emotions get in the way of productivity, so they were frowned on at: home, with the child urged to be sensible. And sensible they are, judging themselves harshly for their feelings. Unfortunately emotions can’t be reasoned out of existence, so they come out in other ways. For instance, these folks often turn anger, disappointment, or neediness in on the self, beating themselves up for imperfections or for having needs.

Many Virgo Moons work compulsively to escape from unpleasant situations, especially in their home lives. When that fails, as ultimately it must, they can fall prey to psychosomatic illnesses, such as colitis, ulcers, and food allergies as an outlet for feelings. They are most upset by imperfection, by the plight of the ill or needy, and by having their helpfulness and willingness to serve taken for granted.[..]

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