Neptune Conjunct Ascendant in Medical Astrology

or Neptune in 1st House

You are highly intuitive and are easily affected by your environment and the moods and feelings of others. It can sometimes be difficult for you to figure out why certain situations, or people make you feel uneasy, and because of this sensitivity, you can suffer from psychosomatic conditions that have an unacknowledged emotion at their core. When you feel that you do not belong, nor fit in with a certain situation, you can react with a range of symptoms. It is therefore important that you listen and honour your inner feelings and emotions.

You are probably highly sensitive to chemicals, drugs and perhaps certain foods or food additives. Be aware that you need to pay attention to your physical body and its needs. When taking medication, you may not require the same dosage as recommended; half may be enough. When under stress you may be prone to lymphatic or hormonal fluctuations and other imbalances of the endocrine system and can pick up viral infections, colds and flu. Incorrect diagnosis of ailments can occur, so it is probably a good idea get a second opinion and keep an open mind as to healing options. You will probably respond well to Reiki and other forms of spiritual healing. Trying to escape from problems via drugs will not solve anything and will probably cause you a great deal more pain. You would be wise to avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. Try to channel your imagination and feelings into creative and artistic pursuits, for which you probably have a great talent. Communing with nature or helping others can also help to restore a sense of equilibrium when you are under stress. Ensure you drink enough water, which will assist in flushing toxins from your delicate system.

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