Neptune Sun in Medical Astrology

Neptune Conjunct/Hard Sun

You are a highly sensitive and spiritual person who can be easily affected by the harsh realities of the world. Make the time for uplifting experiences such as spiritual activities, ritual, communing with nature, or expressing yourself through music or art. These things can make a real difference to your sense of wellbeing and your health. Doing so will also help to alleviate feelings of depression that can sometimes plague you.

Endocrine system problems or glandular malfunctions are possible and you are probably highly sensitive to drugs and alcohol. All drugs and chemicals should be taken in moderation, monitored for side effects, or avoided all together. It is possible that certain substances have a detrimental impact on your sensitive system and you can easily develop a dependency or allergic response. You might require more sleep than the average person in order to function effectively, so ensure that you rest when you need to. At times you may not realise just how much stress you are putting yourself through and can easily misinterpret or ignore physical symptoms. Ensure that you listen to your intuition, which will guide you through life. Seek out more than one opinion when you are ill, as misdiagnosis is possible. You may be called on to help care for others when they are ill. If so, try not to let this develop into a situation where you totally sacrifice your own needs.

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