Pisces Horoscope 22-23


Music, patriotic, hairdresser; art; medical fields; insanity; quick wit, usually positive in his thinking; impulsive and enthusiastic, yet able to concentrate; aim is lofty; appendicitis; Achilles heel of left foot. – Henson

Hasty, impulsive and erratic yet filled with remorse as he views the sorrow his actions have caused. – Muir

Attractive but confused, changeable degree (Libra/Aquarius); commercial, but unstable, always lookign for the middle ground, and usually unable to recognize it. “Soft;” dislikes vulgar or ugly situations. Fond of arts, novelty, bizarre methods of behavior. Seldom remains still long enough to enjoy and reap the rewards of achievements, which are often group-oriented enterprises. Must avoid underhanded tactics, unfairness, and selfishness. Romance is favored; likely to be many as it looks for a soul-mate who is, however, just a matter of perception.


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