Pisces Horoscope 23-24


Not good for domestic matter; inspiration or, if afflicted, deception, magnetic personality with some reform ideas; not always practical, sometimes even deceptive, mixed philosophy, curious, musical, or scientific; affliction denotes deceptions or one who will be deceived, or both; something to cry about; water wet; seeping, flooding, spine, honors, but danger from fire, fever, cuts, and blows, right capsular joint. – Henson

Philosophic, idealistic and unconventional. Incurring much criticism through his views on sex problems. – Muir

Loving, social, attractive Libra influenced degree of Pisces, leading to loving heights, or steamy, sensuous “pits” – or both. Must exercise discretion in all mattes to be respected and admired in all matters to be respected and admired for their better gifts – very cooperative, easily influenced, utopian and naive. Beautiful; often a model or “image” career, and usually Libran enough to maintain control of their own well-being-dependency on others makes them a slave. Sex is a key personal issue, as are proper associations and partnerships. Favors science, media and fine arts.


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