Pisces Horoscope 24-25


Painting, strong sensuous nature, sometimes indolent or submissive, suave and has a nice way of explaining things; ambitious but has many weaknesses, among them drink and deception, anarchism, tyrant (not going along with any thing); left capsular joint. – Henson

A nervous restless temperament sensing events from afar yet powerless to avert accidents. – Muir

Fixed, secretive Scorpio and mental, active Gemini make this one of the most unique, gifted degrees of the zodiac – there’s a strong invisible inner faith, and strength to win over any odds. Powerful or a Pisces; physical dexterity, intensity, good voice, well-liked, diplomatic, multi-talented and likely to enter difficult, challenging careers. An actor, or singer, fond of social interplay and privately success-oriented. Must concentrate on “right” causes, as winning only to find that what’s destroyed is what was needed can, and does, happen. Strong creative urges. Good health and appearance.


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