Pisces Horoscope 25-26


Tyrannical disposition; panting; usually denotes one who is fearless or headstrong; not a good degree unless the person can overcome erratic inclinations; gout; neurasthenia; cancer; nerves of lower foot. – Henson

Keen intuitions, lover of travel which is not without danger. Clever, inventive, practical. – Muir

Sensitive degree of Scorpio and Pisces, rich inner life, artistic talent, high-minded, sensual but like most of the last five degrees of Pisces, thin and consumptive appearance. An almost psychic way of getting what is wanted, perhaps due to inner finesse, persistent faith and determination, changing the mind in such ways to feel that what’s being adapting to is what was wanted all along. Positive thinker, but Scorpio’s Martian quality may lead to troubles, perhaps death of friends or partner or some type of self-destructive thinking. Accomplishments are many and varied – typical versatile Pisces, Self-image is important. Need to better directed to be successful in its vocation.


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