Pisces Horoscope 26-27


Painting; music; suicide; a very industrious person; high minded, religious, philosophical, and profound; a person who makes many friends and may enemies; an occult degree; the lower type may be superficial; affliction may denote obsession; phalanges of right foot. – Henson

Kindly, well-disposed forming friendships readily and responding to the moods of friends rather than leading. – Muir

Late degrees of Pisces are weakened as Aries rapidly approaches – suffers from a variety of notions and may have difficult establishing identity and securing a place in the world. Selfless degree; a major concern is its “connection” to others. Scorpio/Aries influence may be sexually promiscuous and affect the thought processes, distracting the mind from other; more important aspects of life-security, and being of help to others. Could be successful beyond measure. Creative, capable of hard work and long hours. Danger of accidents; discretion is doubly important. Good psychologist; would benefit from knowing habit patterns better.


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