Pisces Horoscope 27-28


The aim and ambition in life is to serve humanity; an ambitious person with literary or political talent; many struggles in early life; religious or occult leaders; astrology writers (use some orb); gamblers; eczema; Bright’s disease; acute nephritis (kidneys); phalanges of left foot. – Henson

Gifted in many ways. Wealthy friends who advance his interests. – Muir

Adventurous, reckless Sagittarius irritating the normally receptive, passive Piscean “flow”. Troubles in travel, perhaps restricted movement, or imprisonment. Troubles with the military. Dissatisfactions in romance. Missed opportunities, reversals, and over-stepping of boundaries and braking of rules. Caution, careful planning, and cooperation with others would help chances of success. Loneliness is feared – must maintain a realistic, positive attitude. A good understanding of many subjects is common; perhaps well-developed in religious or educational fields, but there’s usually many self-generated obstacles to overcome.


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