Pisces Horoscope 28-29


A good understanding of many subjects; sometimes slow in speech despite good mental aptitude; may be interested in astrology or scientific research; a reliable employer or employee; consumption; diabetes; low blood sugar; toenails of right foot. – Henson

A dreamer who sorrows with sorrowful and incurs displeasure through his misguided enthusiasms. – Muir

Leo with Sagittarius here is judgmental, dictatorial, methodical, paternal but often without true power to propel it. Overly sensitive, but generous, amiable, often superstitious or religious, perhaps feeling that there is a mission to fulfill. Possessive in romance, usually careful in all relationships, tied to family, but bound to be forced to travel or be taken away by career, educational, or spiritual demands. Often a drifter. Would benefit from education, but often enters the wrong fields and success there is difficult to accomplish. Needs to be more objective, but listening to others can be just as misleading – challenged to get the facts correct.


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