Pisces Horoscope 29-30


Gifted in many ways but lacking in continuity of though. Concentrated effort would enable him to accomplish much that he dreams of. – Muir

May have the power to turn troubles into triumph; spiritual or mediumistic and intuitive; an especially good degree when there are also planets in Taurus; a fatalistic influence; a dreamer who sometimes brings his visions down to earth and makes them work; clairvoyance; usually strong and unaffected; extreme misfortune; suicide (or one who is around suicide); drowning, perhaps murder; toenails of left foot. – Henson

With the Sun one day away from crossing the equator and signaling the beginning of Spring this is the most strong-willed, positive, dedicated, humanitarian degree for Pisces, often spiritually dedicated to helping humanity, or championing a cause – idealistic and individualistic. Likes arts, publicity, attention, and has opportunities to succeed in public vocations. Righteous, absorbing, dreamy futuristic, hopeful degree, but may be prone to haggling, quibbling, which may bring disfavor; should learn to avoid that – be the sensitive, loving. Pisces humanitarian.


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