Pluto Hard 6th in Medical Astrology

In your working life you like to have a high degree of control and autonomy. When you do not sense that you are in control, you can feel rather stressed which can result in lower back problems and a range of other medical conditions. It is also possible that you may develop some self-destructive patterns and habits. You may encounter tension and psychological stress at work too, including power struggles and other difficulties associated with “office politics”. It could be that you are perceived to be a powerful person, though you may not feel this inside. Alternatively, if you try to manipulate others this could backfire and any attempts to get into positions of power by these means can lead to encounters that are counter-productive, even destructive. Your journey can take you from powerlessness to the highest levels of success. But in the process, learn to let go of those things you cannot change. Feelings of resentment can make you sick. To make your mark on the world, you need to be doing something that fulfils a worthwhile purpose in the larger scheme of things. You are a survivor but try not to burn too many bridges along the way. If things are not going according to plan, let go and move on. The essential oils, Orange, Frankincense and Bergamot will assist you at times of stress and aid joyful communication and expression.

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