Pluto in Aquarius in Horoscope


You are part of a 20 year group of people who are friendly and gregarious, but not sentimental and not as emotional as other age groups. Your generation does not cling to the past and tends to build stronger relationships with friends and colleagues than with family members. Many of you will leave home, and increased urbanization is likely as you flock to areas with more hustle, bustle, and social activity.

Your generation has a strong emotional need to cooperate and unite together. You are a group of team players and united action is a very high priority. Businesses, organizations, and companies grow to enormous proportions, and many advancements in science are made possible by this huge cooperative effort. Some governments and their political borders expand, and some people become wary of the increasing power of companies, industries, and governments. Clashes in political ideologies are critical during the life of your age group, and unfortunately, as we know from history, there can be considerable damage and harm arising from a clash of large organizations or governments. This is rather ironic for your age group, which has formed these larger social structures from its deeply felt, largely subconscious, need to cooperate and unite people together.

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