Horoscope Pluto in Pisces


Pluto in Pisces in Horoscope:

You are part of a 25 year group of people who are highly imaginative and intuitive. Your age group has a deep, inner yearning for a more idyllic life, and your rich imagination dreams up many ways to attain these lofty goals. The yearning for a more perfect and beautiful world sometimes leads to feelings of frustration with “the real world”. It is particularly difficult for those of your generation who have a difficult childhood or lack the inner strength to adequately meet life’s challenges; consequently, increased alcoholism and drug use can easily develop.

Unique contributions to literature and music abound in your generation. Spiritual and religious aspiration is also high. Your generation is driven by less tangible things then other generations. Spiritual aspirations, artistic inspirations, hopes, and fantasies are the driving power behind your age group.

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